For transforming the body, releasing the mind, and inspiring the soul.

Gaia Goddess Healing blends high-grade organic essential oils, which can be incorporated into your Facial or Reiki Treatment.

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Illuminescents Meditation Oils 


Gaia Goddess Escentuals



Promotes self-worth, assurance and freedom.

Ginger * Tea Tree * Lime

Affirmation:  I open up to my potential and make space for what I truly want.



Promotes guidance, wisdom and affirmation.

Lavender * Frankincense * Clary Sage

Affirmation:  I am specific in determining my goals and I express them coherently.



Promotes self-confidence, strength and optimism.

Fragonia * Pink Grapefruit * Vetiver

Affirmation:  I work on my goals by taking action steps positively and systematically.



Promotes health, vitality and transformation.

Myrrh * Manuka * Ravensara

Affirmation:  I remain balanced and focused in my approach as I work towards my goals.



Promotes relaxation, appreciation and connection.

Geranium * Peru Balsam * Anise Seed

Affirmation:  I fully embrace and hold my aspirations in my reality.




ASCP Member

Nancy Bertrand

Bachelor of Science in Education
Licensed Esthetician E7316
Certified Aromatherapist
Certified Crystal Healer
Reiki Master Teacher
Music Artist


Music can initiate change and help your mind and emotions turn on a dime. Relax and travel on a shamanic journey as you enjoy our new CD release, Strange Language by yours truly, Nancy, of The Tao Flow.


Listen to some sweet sounds by Nancy, a.k.a. Suncat Meadowlark, to help lighten your mood and make you smile. Beam your sunshine rays.


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